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How to realize fission from 1 to N? JUMORE and Macquarie University join hands to propose innovative solutions

  • Source: Jumore
  • Nov.23,2018

On November 21st, Mr. David Wilkinson, Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University in Australia visited JUMORE. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the research and development of digital technology and digital economy, and signed a MOU. According to the MOU, the two sides will work together to develop the digital economy and promote further business cooperation between Chinese and Australian companies.


(JUMORE and Macquarie University sign a MOU)

At the meeting, JUMORE chairman Eric Lu introduced its digital platform for global supply chains to representatives and alumni of Macquarie University. Representatives from Macquarie University spoke highly of JUMORE model, and hoped to carry out exchanges on deeper cooperation with JUMORE. Mr. David Wilkinson, Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University, said that the cooperation with JUMORE is very meaningful. In the future, Macquarie University will promote the global digital trading platform and full-process services of JUMORE to Australian and global enterprises through its global alumni network, in a bid to promote bilateral and multilateral trade between China and Australia and the rest of the world.

At the same time, JUMORE representatives also said that in the future, JUMORE will arrange internship for Macquarie University students at Beijing and Hangzhou branches. The two sides will also jointly establish a “Digital Economy Foundation/Scholarship” to encourage more students to participate in digital economic research and business practices. JUMORE is willing to cooperate with Macquarie University in such fields as scientific research, digital economy and trade to accelerate the promotion of Australian companies to Chinese market and help enterprises of both countries to benefit from  digital transformation.

In recent years, JUMORE model has received more and more attention from countries around the world, many famous universities sent delegations to JUMORE for investigation, exchange and cooperation, including the EMBA Business School of Peru and the EMBA delegation of Queensland University of Technology. All delegations have spoken highly of JUMORE model. It is an innovative development model that JUMORE has actively explored in recent years to carry out exchanges with internationally renowned universities to drive and enhance cooperation with enterprises from various countries. The talks with Macquarie University demonstrate a bold step JUMORE takes to link the innovation in academic community with the innovation in business circle for strengthened cooperation and integration. It is believed that the integrated cooperation in production, education and research in digital economy will be effectively promoted, thus bringing new opportunities to Chinese and Australian companies.

Macquarie University is one of the most prestigious state-run universities in Australia and Asia and has been named Australia's most innovative university. Its high-quality education and research standards are well-known at home and abroad, and many majors are at world's leading level. As a digital economic platform covering the entire industrial chains, JUMORE also boasts a very high standard in the development and operation of digital platforms. The cooperation between the two sides can be said to be an alliance of strong players, which not only helps to promote the research and development of both parties in the field of digital technology, but also supports each other in conducting business in their respective country and other countries.