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Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Minister of Agricultural Development Visit JUMORE for Furtherance of Sino-Panamanian Relations and Sino-Latin American Cooperation

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Aug.23,2018

Panamanian Minister of Commerce Augusto Arosemena and Minister of Agricultural Development Eduardo Carles and ambassador to China Francisco Escobar visited JUMORE on August 22, they conducted in-depth discussion with JUMORE chairman Eric Lu on such issues as cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Panamanian enterprises in the fields of digital trade, e-commerce and etc.


Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Minister of Agricultural Development Visit JUMORE

Panama is an important center of trade, finance and logistics in the world, and is also an entrance point for China to enter Latin America. It boasts the Colón Free Trade Zone, the largest free port in the the Western Hemisphere, and second largest in the world, for which China is the biggest supplier of goods. More and more Chinese enterprises are locating in Colón and from here, huge numbers of Chinese goods flow to Latin American markets. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama in 2017, potentials for bilateral trade and economic cooperation has been gradually tapped, and the two countries is negotiating on a free trade agreement (FTA). Panama highly values potential of Chinese market and advantages China has in economic development, and hopes to transform complementary advantages to all-round cooperation.

During the meeting, JUMORE chairman Eric Lu elaborated on its business model, business scope, distinctions from traditional e-commerce platforms and the construction progress of Sino-Panama digital platforms. As a digital platform serving whole industrial chains and providing whole-process services for supply chains, JUMORE will be playing a role of bridge, to boost Sino-Panamanian digital trade and contribute to bilateral trade growth, and the mutually beneficial development between China and Latin America.

Augusto Arosemena said that, they are positive on future development of digital economy, and hopes JUMORE to set up a regional headquarters in Panama, and conduct cooperation with other Latin American free trade zones and special economic zones in digital economy development. Moreover, Augusto Arosemena said, Panama attaches great importance to cooperation with Chinese enterprises in trading of agricultural products, mineral products and logistics, he hopes JUMORE play a role in helping connect Panamanian enterprises with Chinese market and even global resources. He extended an invitation to JUMORE, welcoming it to large-scale international exhibitions to be held in Panama, and to boost win-win cooperation between JUMORE and Panama, and other Latin American countries.


Panamanian delegation and Eric Lu pose for a group photo