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Panama's Ambassador to China Visits JUMORE to Boost the Development of Digital Economy

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Jul.23,2018

On July 19th, a delegation headed by  Francisco Carlo Escobar Pedreschi, the Panamanian ambassador to China, and Any Lam Chong León, the commercial counselor, visited JUMORE. The two sides conducted in-depth discussion about promoting trade and economic cooperation between Panama and China, building digital platforms,boosting the development of trade ties between China and Panama, and China and Latin-American countries.


The Delegation Headed by Panamanian Ambassador to China Visit JUMORE

Panama is an important trading, logistics and financial center in the world. It is also an important hub for trade between China and Latin American countries, and a vital channel for re-exporting to South America, North America and Europe. At the same time, Panama has the largest free trade zone in the Americas, the Cologne Free Trade Zone, and China is the largest supplier of goods for this free trade zone. Large quantities of Chinese goods enter Latin American market through the Cologne Free Trade Zone. In recent years, China-Panama trade has been heating up, and the China-Panama Free Trade Agreement is also gaining advancement, constantly exploring new potential of China-Panama cooperation. As a digital platform for global supply chains, JUMORE will give full play to its platform advantages and serve as an important bridge for China-Panama innovative cooperation and contribute to the win-win development of China and Panama.

During the meeting, Lu Hongxiang, chairman of JUMORE, briefed the Panamanian ambassador on its strategic positioning, business development, and the construction of its digital platforms.JUMORE is taking active measures to promote the construction of digital platforms in various countries. It can help enterprises in these countries to match upstream and downstream customers in the industrial chain and provide full-process services, and help Chinese enterprises and enterprises in various countries to carry out transparent and safe digital trade cooperation in various fields. During the meeting, the two sides focused on the construction of the China-Panama digital platform. At the same time, JUMORE is considering setting up a company in Panama, and thus promoting Chinese companies to carry out comprehensive cooperation and exchanges with Panamanian and even Latin American companies, to boost the innovation-driven development of China-Panama and China-Latin America trade ties.

The Panamanian ambassador spoke highly of the e-commerce model of JUMORE, saying that the China-Panama digital platform is very significant and plays an important role in promoting China-Panama trade ties and China's re-exports to Latin American countries. The Panamanian Embassy in China is willing to provide support necessary for this. At the same time, he extended welcome to JUMORE to set up a branch in Panama. By seizing the opportunity brought out by the China-Panama free trade agreement,JUMORE can further expand the cooperation and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.


Panamanian Ambassador to China and JUMORE Chairman Pose for A Photo