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KZ Businessmen and politician visit JUMORE Further promote the concrete cooperation between China and KZ

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Jun.20,2018

Recently, President of Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan(CICK), President of Investment Committee of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, and Chairman of KAZ Minerals PLC visited JUMORE in succession, and had in-depth exchanges on issues including development under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, trade ties development between China and Kazakhstan, and launching of Kazakhstan enterprises on JUMORE online platforms, in a bid to further the cooperation between Kazakhstan and JUMORE in concrete ways.


Investment Committee of Investments and Development Department of Kazakhstan visited JUMORE

JUMORE has always attached great importance to its cooperation with Kazakhstan. The cooperation between the two sides based on the entire industrial chain is also accelerating. In 2016, Kazakhstan entered the JUMORE-National Pavilion; in 2017, JUMORE•Astana International Financial Center Pavilion" was also officially launched; JUMORE, the Ministry of Commerce, the Xinjiang government, and the Khorgos government is also exploring a cooperation model that is more conducive to China-Kazakhstan trade, thereby greatly facilitating trade between the two countries and saving the cost of cooperation, allowing more "Belt and Road" countries to conduct trade and settlements through the China-Kazakhstan ports and forge more comprehensive and closer cooperative relationships with Chinese companies.

The representatives of business and political circles from Kazakh visited JUMORE in succession and hoped to continue to deepen the cooperation between JUMORE and Kazakhstan, especially in the fields of mineral products trading, bulk commodity procurement, online and offline complex construction, investment and financing, and other areas. The Kazakhstan International Chamber of Commerce is willing to actively recommend high-quality Kazakhstan suppliers, and the Investment Committee of the Kazakhstan Investment and Development Department will also actively promote cooperation in the China-Kazakhstan trade trial zone; KAZ Minerals PLC will sign cooperation agreements with JUMORE, and launch online on JUMORE platform, in the hope of connecting with Chinese enterprises and investors.

It is predictable that, with the gradual deepening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and JUMORE, China and Kazakhstan will see a golden time to develop their cooperation.


(left: Chairman of JUMORE and Chairman of KAZ Minerals PLC; right: Chairman of JUMORE and President of Investment Committee at Investments and Development of Kazakhstan)