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Global VIP insiders feed you with exclusive“real stuff” JumoreGlobal nourishes you with professional perspectives

  • Source: JUMORE
  • May.10,2018

JumoreGlobal has completed a punchy upgrade recently.By data analysis of a sea of users and transactions on various vertical platforms affiliated to JUMORE, combined with industrial trends, JumoreGlobal releases the column“JumoreGlobal Insight,”contents of this section are mainly created by global VIP insiders,who will be sharing with you exclusive“real stuff”in your fields of interest,and helping you get a full picture of global industrial hot spots and development trends, grasping potential business opportunities and making decisions more scientifically.


Technical “real stuff”,for example,advise you on easy ways to avoid fake suppliers online.


From the page design,content of online stores, to such practical skills as SEO, email marketing, operation of social media,activity planning,to analysis of development trends of global e-commerce business,JumoreGlobal provides B2B users and people in this line of industry with the latest and professional strategies for operation and promotion.


Based on global hot topics,we keep you informed on the global trade landscape, price fluctuations and supply-demand changes of bulk commodities. 


What’s more, there is also analysis and predicts provided by experts, such as rebound in silver market in 2018 and recommendations for investment.


Of course,our VIP insiders also give you information about such hot topics as Block Chain,AI,Cloud Storage and Big Data from a global perspective.



Aside from JumoreGlobal Insights,the upgraded JumoreGlobal further optimizes functions including online marketing,acting as go-between for suppliers and buyers and service matching,and offers digital marketing services to global users, helping them obtaining more and bigger orders from across the globe.

At the same time,in order to meet the needs of overseas users in getting more knowledge about Chinese market,newly added to this platform are columns Chinese Market and Import&Export,which greatly improve our services to users in real trade procedure,and can help more Chinese enterprises better align themselves with global markets.

How to get the“real stuff”

1、Open the official website of

2、Go to the column“Insights”