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JUMORE attends CIECE and injects digital momentum into global cooperation

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Apr.17,2018

The China International Electronic Commerce Expo 2018 & the 1st Digital Trade Expo is held at Yiwu International Expo center from April 11 to April 13.Theme of this edition of expo is “New Era for E-Businesses, New Momentum for E-Commerce”,showcasing in a concentrated way the latest R&D,application,products,technologies of e-commerce ,and the development of the whole industrial chain of E-commerce.It is worth noting that, a “Digital Trade Experience Area”is set up for the first time,sparking vitality for the development of digital economy.


Opening ceremony of the China International Electronic Commerce Expo 2018 & the 1st Digital Trade Expo

JUMORE, as a representative from the field of e-commerce and digital trade,attends the expo again at the invitation of organizer, and showcases in a comprehensive way its digital trade platforms and global cooperation in digitalization.Many a leader of the organizing committee visit JUMORE booth and listen to elaboration of its Chairman Mr. Lu Hongxiang. JUMORE’s advancements in digital economy also draw attention of visitors and famed media agencies at home and from abroad.At the site,Mr. Lu Hongxiang has interviews with several media outlets, including CCTV, and shares his ideas on digital economy and digital trade.


It is also worth noting that,it’s the third year JUMORE attends such an expo,with 2015 being the first time. Its rapid development in the past three years has received wide recognition by partners at home and abroad.

JUMORE is acting to inject digital momentum into global cooperation in digitalization

“Digital Trade”is important among the most important issues of this expo,and will be playing an essential role in the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy.

In September 2016, China hosts the G20 Summit, and for the first time identifies “Digital Economy”as one of the issues for innovation-driven economic growth. In March 2017,“Digital Economy”is for the first time written into report on the work of the government, and is regarded as a new momentum for driving China’s fast economic growth. In July, executive meeting of the State Council proposes formulation of an outline for economic development strategies. It can be said that,digital economy has become a major part of economic development of China and even the whole world.

During the expo, Chairman Lu Hongxiang delivers a speech titled”Cross-Border E-Businesses Lead the Development of Global Digital Trade”. Mr. Lu says, it is a general trend to integrate digital economy with real economy, and digitalization will penetrate into trade,finance, and logistics, and data-driven manufacturing will gradually take hold in manufacturing field. JUMORE, a new model of cross-border e-business with an vision for globalization, by building connectivity between China and the rest of the world, digital trading platforms, speeds up the integration of digitalization into the“Belt and Road” development, thus bringing benefits of the development of the silk road economy  to more countries.Through the “digital trading platforms” forged by JUMORE, Chinese enterprises and foreign businesses can match the demands and do transactions, and benefit from a series of  trade facilitation measures.

At present, JUMORE has established business partnerships with 157 countries. Digital solutions proposed by JUMORE has been widely recognized by countries along the Belt and Road, Islamic state and Latin- American countries, and talks with these countries on cooperation are being carried out in an orderly way, thus will be promoting the deep integration of Internet, e-commerce, big data, and Fintech with economic development of these countries.

Revitalize global indutrial chain

Contribute to win-win outcomes through “JUMORE Solutions”

At the site, we can see,JUMORE model and digital solutions are widely recognized.As a cross-border e-commerce platform serving the whole industrial chain and the full range of service industry,it has self-evident advantages in developing digital economy and digital trade.

On JUMORE platform,businesses specializing in the trade of raw materials such as minerals,metals,energy,chemicals to end consumer goods can all do transactions in an online and digital way . Every enterprise can be connected to a sea of upstream purchasers,and also downstream sellers,really linking very stage in the whole industrial chain by means of digitalization. Cooperation with JUMORE will give full play to advantages e-businesses have in resources allocation optimization,industrial restructuring and concentrated procurement, propelling the innovation-driven growth at both the state and enterprise levels, and finally realizing win-win outcomes.

In addition to the trade of tangible goods, JUMORE has forged partnerships with global outstanding service providers, and can provide user with comprehensive services in the fields of finance,logistics,big data,technology,consultancy and certification, and help enterprise realize transformation and upgrading.

Now, the new landscape for win-win cross-border cooperation propelled by JUMORE’s cooperation schemes is unfolding before our eyes,and in the future,JUMORE will continue to work out “JUMORE Solutions”and inject digital momentum into global cooperation.