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UAE Ambassador to China Visits JUMORE, JUMORE Plans to Build A Localized Business Center in UAE

  • Source: jumore
  • Apr.04,2018

  On March 23rd, Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, UAE Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, and Mr. Saleh Altheeb Alhemeiri, Director of Economic and Trade Division of the Embassy of UAE in China.JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang met with them and they had in-depth discussions on cooperation between JUMORE and UAE and other Islamic states in bilateral and multilateral trade,digitalization-driven trade upgrading and trade of bulk commodities.

  UAE Ambassador to China and JUMORE Chairman exchange views on cooperation
  During the meeting,Chairman Lu Hongxiang elaborates on JUMORE history, development and major plans at this stage.They exchange views on planning for JUMORE business operation in the UAE. Dr. Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri lauds JUMORE model,believing that the two sides have many opportunities for cooperation in various fields,and he is willing to do his effort to boost cooperation between JUMORE and the UAE and other Islamic states.
  Lu Hongxiang says, Arab States are important partners in the Belt and Road development, and also big producers of energy and chemicals. JUMORE is willing to make every effort to facilitate cooperation in centralized procurement in Arab countries,trade,finance and technology.JUMORE is taking active measures in building digital trading platforms with foreign countries,and takes Dubai as the pilot city of choice in the Middle East. In addition,JUMORE is planning on setting up a localized business center in the UAE,in the hope of furthering its cooperation with Islamic countries and regions, and realizing innovation-driven trade growth through digitalization for China and Islamic states.
  They mention that,China is the second largest trading partner of the UAE, and the UAE acts as the window for China to export to markets in the Middle East region. Export to the Middle East via the UAE accounts for 60% of the total volume to this region.UAE is a major oil producing country for the whole world, it has huge reserves of oil, gold,iron ore. There is big room for Sino-UAE cooperation. As a cross-border e-commerce platform serves the whole industrial chain and specializes in the trade of all categories of bulk commodities,on the one hand,JUMORE could align premium resources of the UAE with China and even global markets, on the other hand, promote all-around cooperation between China and the UAE in the field of infrastructure construction,finance,digitalization-driven transformation, in this way, lifting the bilateral trade to new heights,and realizing win-win outcomes.
  It is worth mentioning that, the UAE plays an important role in geographical term as it acts as a hub for China to connect with Middle East,Europe and Africa.UAE has become an area of conjunction to attract international enterprises to participate in recreating global value chains. Therefore, cooperation between JUMORE and UAE will help Chinese enterprises explore markets in the Middle East,Europe and Africa,and better prepared for global competition.