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JUMORE- “China Strength” in Globalized Activities for Public Good

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Jan.11,2018

    With the globalization of economic development, activities for public good also go global. Chinese enterprises take proactive steps to participate in such activities to contribute to alleviating poverty in the whole world, presenting itself as “China Strength” who is active in carrying forward spirit of great love and practicing social responsibility. Recently, JUMORE received a Letter of Thanks from the organizing committee of the activity for public good“Great Love Knows No Borders”, in this letter, the committee spoke highly of JUMORE for its participation in the activity and expressed its appreciation for efforts made by JUMORE.

  “Great Love Knows No Borders” is initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which attracted foreign envoys in China, and warm-hearted people from various walks of life. In the past nine years, such activities have brought a lot to many areas, building bridges and road in poverty-stricken parts of Yunnan,Gansu, Hebei, Henan and Guizhou Provinces, providing medical treatment to children with congenital heart disease, all these good deeds warm people’s heart and ignite hope. In October 2017, as a representative of cross-border e-commerce businesses, JUMORE attended the Ninth International Charity Sale for Healthy Villages in Yunnan at the invitation of its organizing committee.

  (“Great Love Knows No Borders”)

  During the event, JUMORE played its part for the construction of healthy villages in Yunan Province, and also exchanged ideas with South African ambassador to China, Peruvian ambassador to China and ambassadors to China of other countries on such issues as cooperation in activities for public good, cross-border trade, e-commerce, conveying clearly the philosophy of“E-commerce and Great Love Know No Borders”. From the viewpoint of JUMORE,e-commerce businesses are in a position of playing a great role in targeted poverty alleviation since they are greatly based on internet,which gives e-commerce businesses much room to integrate global resources and advance the fusion of innovative results and poverty alleviation,working toward effective relief of global poverty and real win-win outcomes for all countries and enterprises.

 (“JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang attended ‘Great Love Knows No Borders’”)

  It is adherence to such a philosophy that guides JUMORE to attach great importance to and take part in various kinds of activities for public good and practice its social responsibilities, be it in China or foreign lands, wherever JUMORE takes root, it actively participates in activities for public good: from donating books to students  in Sichuan Province, carrying forward essential traditional culture; financial support for Aba Autonomous Region in Qinghai Province; to aiding disaster-hit areas in Ecuador and Peru, JUMORE is always on the front line and contributes much to disaster relief and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

  (Highlights of Activities for Public Good)

  JUMORE always adheres to the idea of bridging the gap via internet, improving identification by cultures and spreading great love through activities for public good. In advancing the globalization of activities for public good, JUMORE model also receives wide recognition at home and abroad. As of now, JUMORE has established cooperation with more than 150 countries and its reach all through China’s provinces. It is foreseeable that, with the on-going cultural integration, advancement of globalization of activities for public good, the world economy will step into the benign development track.