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JUMORE Attends XI China-LAC Business Summit, Cross-border E-commerce Promotes Innovative Growth of Trade

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Dec.14,2017

While Latin America represents an important extension of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, the “Road and Belt” Initiative has become a new driving force for current China-Latin America cooperation. On December 1~2 local time, the XIChina-LAC Business Summit was inaugurated in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The summit of this year mainly focused on the vision of China-Latin America cooperation under the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and on upgrading China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation. Present at the opening ceremony were Ma Peihua, Vice Chairman of CPPCC; Tabare Vazquez, President of Uruguay; Rodolfo Nin Novoa, Uruguay’s Minister of Foreign Affairs; Chen Zhou, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and others, who respectively delivered their speeches. As the representative of cross-border e-commerce business, JUMORE was invited to attend the XI China-LAC Business Summit.

 JUMORE’s representative (second from right) attending XI China-LAC Business Summit
  The China-LAC Business Summit is China’s first institutionalized platform devoted to promoting economic and trade cooperation between China, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is held on an annual basis by turns in China and Latin American countries, and, this year marks its tenth iteration . This Summit exerts an enormous influence on the enhancement of mutual understanding between China and Latin America and the promotion of bilateral trade and investments.
  As an ecological cross-border e-commerce platform features all-category operation and whole-industry chain coverage, JUMORE was invited to attend X China-LAC Business Summit held in Tangshan of Hebei Province last October, and, witnessed by the high-level leaders of China and Latin America and the guests present at the event, JUMORE had signed cooperative agreements with Uruguay XXI, Peruvian Embassy in China and GRUPO RAS. At the summit of this year, JUMORE’s representatives held a themed discussion on “Cross-border E-commerce Promoting Innovative Growth of Trade” with Vice Minister of Economy and Finance of Uruguay, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-China and the e-commerce enterprise representatives of China and Latin America.
  China is the second biggest trading partner of Latin America, and the cooperation between them is also increasing rapidly with each passing year. In the past decade, China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation has maintained an average annual growth rate of as high as 30%, and there are huge cooperative space and potential  in the fields of bulk commodities and whole industry chain. Cross-border e-commerce has created an “Online Silk Road” for China-Latin America cooperation, and, via cross-border e-commerce, each country can become the “starting point” of the “Silk Road”. Enterprises of various countries can participate in global cooperation in the most efficient and direct ways, thus realizing interconnections, sharing benefits brought about by China’s economic growth and promoting new growth of trade. At present, JUMORE has established cooperation with more than 150 countries, including more than 20 Latin American countries. Latin American enterprises can link with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain via JUMORE, better align with the Chinese and global market and further promote the innovative development of trade in Latin America; meanwhile, it can also connect with various types of service institutions from all over the world on this platform, receive finance, logistics, big data, technology and other all-round service support, and effectively facilitate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
  At this summit, JUMORE’s representatives also engaged in extensive and in-depth exchanges with the senior leaders, government department heads, representatives from industrial and commercial circles and so forth of Latin American countries, and, both of them reached multiple cooperative consensuses with regard to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, trade investment, infrastructure construction and other topics of common concerns. Latin America and the Caribbean constitute the region with the fastest cyber citizen growth in the world, and China is the largest e-commerce market worldwide. Cross-border e-commerce will create more new opportunities for China-Latin America trade. JUMORE will continuously bring advantages of its platform into play, promote the optimal allocation of high-quality resources worldwide, realize interconnections among various fields, and contribute to the upgrading of China-Latin America economic and trade cooperation.