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Chairman of JUMORE Meets with Diplomatic Envoys of Latin American Countries,in China Deepening JUMORE-Latin America Cooperation

  • Source: JUMORE
  • Dec.08,2017

On November 30, Lu Hongxiang, Chairman of JUMORE, hosted a farewell dinner for Juan Carlos Capuñay, outgoing Peruvian Ambassador to China, and met with the diplomatic envoys of some Latin American countries in China, say, Panama, Guyana, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas for in-depth discussions about deepening China-Latin America cooperation, so as to help Latin American countries gear to the Chinese market and the global market and so forth.

In the past three years since taking office in 2014, Juan Carlos Capuñay has contributed much to the friendly exchanges between China and Peru, and created great opportunities for all-round China-Latin America cooperation. During their meeting, Lu Hongxiang expressed his sincere thanks to Juan Carlos Capuñay for his efforts made in the innovation-driven of China-Peru trade and his stone-firm support in promoting JUMORE’s cooperation with Peru and other Latin American countries. According to Lu Hongxiang, JUMORE will actively play its role of “Online Silk Road”, and energetically promote Latin American countries to further their trade ties and win-win cooperation with China and other countries all over the world through effective resources matching.

(Chairman of JUMORE delivering his farewell speech to Peruvian Ambassador to China)

Meanwhile, JUMORE invited Juan Carlos Capuñay to serve as its Honorary Advisor, in the hope that he would continuously cooperate with JUMORE after returning to Peru and they would jointly promote JUMORE’s e-commerce cooperation with Peru and other Latin American countries.

(Chairman of JUMORE issuing the Certificate of Honorary Advisor of JUMORE to Juan Carlos Capuñay)

At the dinner party, Juan Carlos Capuñay gave a passionate account of the three years that he had spent in China, and emphasized in his speech that, after returning to Peru, he would continuously pay close attention to China-Peru relationship and contribute to the development of cooperation between the two countries. Juan Carlos Capuñay also spoke highly of JUMORE platform, and expressed his pleasure to serve as Honorary Advisor of JUMORE and his intention to continuously support the cooperation between JUMORE and Peru. He said that, through the joint efforts of both parties, a digital silk road would be built to accelerate the development of trade relations between Latin American countries and China.

(Peruvian Ambassador to China delivering his speech)

The representatives of other Latin American countries also expressed their strong confidence for their cooperation with JUMORE. Francisco Carlo Escobar ( Chinese name Shi Kefang), Panamanian Ambassador to China, expressed his hope to get more knowledge of JUMORE platform, strengthen the cooperation between Panama and JUMORE in e-commerce field and promote the innovation-driven development of China-Panama trade on this platform.

Currently, JUMORE has established cooperation with and launched services in Peru and more than 20 other major Latin American countries. In the future, it will help Latin American countries in integrating their service industry resources across the globe and introducing advanced technologies and ideas in the manufacturing industry; it will also help Latin industrial and manufacturing enterprises get access to world-class services on JUMORE platform, further promote the industrial restructure in Latin American countries, accelerate their transformation and upgrading and lead them onto the path of ecological development.

(Group photo of Chairman of JUMORE with distinguished guests from Latin American countries)