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Product Listing Policy

1 . General provisions

JUMORE bans the release of any information containing prohibited or restricted goods; any act violating the Rules shall be punished by JUMORE according to the Rules.

2 . Banning of prohibited goods

Prohibited goods are goods whose information is banned from release by the laws and regulations of The People’s Republic of China and the Exporting Country or by the rules of JUMORE. See details in the Catalogue of Prohibited and Restricted Goods .

3 . Banning of restricted goods

Restricted goods refer to the goods whose information release or sales are permitted by law only after obtaining the administrative licensing or relevant authorization. See details in the Catalogue of Prohibited and Restricted Goods .

Catalogue of Prohibited and Restricted Goods of the integrated trading platform of JUMORE.

Note: Releasing the information of prohibited or restricted goods in violation of the Rules shall be punished according to the Rules of Prohibited and Restricted Sales of JUMORE .

[Information banned from release]

The information banned from release mainly involves those goods whose information is banned from release by the laws and regulations of the state or by the rules of JUMORE.

1. Narcotics and relevant products

1)  Narcotics, steroids, addictive drugs, psychotropic drugs, narcotic drugs and chemicals;

2)  Precursor chemicals;

3)  Narcotics injection guns, drug-using tools and accessories;

4)  Tools aiding smuggling, storage, selling, transport and making of drugs;

5)  Methods and books about drug-making.

2. Medicines

1)  Prescription drugs, hormones and radioactive drugs;

2)  Oral drugs advertising increased or enhanced sexual function;

3)  Veterinary prescription drugs;

4)  Toxic TCMs;

5)  Medical or health care services, including but not limited to medical treatment, rehabilitation, vaccination, physical examination, psychological counseling, nutriology, plastic surgery, massage and other services.

3.  Guns, munitions and explosives

1)  All guns and imitation guns;

2)  Impellers, or bomb-gears which can launch some objects or some vessels containing gases or chemicals, like air guns, paintball markers, stun guns and harpoon guns;

3)  Ammos, inflammable and explosive chemicals and other chemicals, as well as methods and books about how to prepare these chemicals;

4)  Munitions and related appliances, parts and imitation munitions;

5)  Chemical and biological weapons, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, as well as the provision of related services, instructions, consultations, production and auxiliaries and other information violating relevant stipulations of international laws.

4. Controlled arms

1)  Controlled knives, like switchblade knives, gravity knives, combat knives, military knives, handheld blades, disguised knives, etc.

2)  Other arms, like nunchakus, knuckles, kubatons, forks (sai), knuckle-dusters, spring rods, etc.

5. Police supplies

Police uniforms, symbols and supplies, like police cars, police badges, etc.

6. Products containing pornography or violence

1)  Information containing pornography, obscenity or violence, like vulgar cartoons, books, games and audio-visual products, account number or invitation code of adult websites, chatting service, accompanying service and other pornographic or vulgar goods or services;

2)   Products containing child pornography or violence;

3)   Images containing nudity or violence.

7. Animals, plants and their products

1)  Protected wild animals, rare plants and endangered species stipulated by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP);

2)  Shark and marine mammal products;

3)  Bear's paws, and cat or dog products.

8. Currency and postage stamps

1)  Currency and counterfeit or altered currency;

2)  Currency counterfeiting devices and materials (hologram, etc.);

3)  Virtual currency;

4)  Philatelic items prohibited by the state, and philatelic items not approved by the postal industry authority.

9. Government documents

1)  Documents and certificates issued by government organs;

2)  Identity credentials (like birth certificate, ID card, passport, visa, driving license, etc.);

3)  Counterfeit or altered government documents, certificates, stamps and medals, and services only allowed to be rendered by government organs or specific institutions;

10. Financial products and services

1)  Bank credit cards, debit cards and bank card readers;

2)  Shares, bonds, stock rights and other negotiable securities and financial services (including but not limited to bank transfer, letter of guarantee or letter of credit issued to a bank, loans, fund raising, investment, financing and other financial services);

3)  Gold, silver and other precious metals.

11. Human organs

1)  Human organs;

2)  Remains.

12. Cultural relics

Cultural relics protected by the state.

13. Spying products

1)  Spying devices and software

2)  Eavesdropping devices;

3)  Secret photographing devices explicitly intended for peeping or other illegitimate purposes.

14. Tobacco products

1) Tobacco products, including but not limited to cigar, cigarette, perfecto, cut tobacco, leaf tobacco, re-dried leaf tobacco, cigarette paper, filter plug, cigarette filter tow, pipe tobacco, shredded tobacco for water pipes, tobacco molasses, chewing tobacco, snuff and other tobacco monopoly commodities;

2)  Electronic tobacco flavors and cigarette cartridges.

15. Electronics and software

1) Decoders or other devices used to access TV programs (such as satellite TV and cable TV), Internet, telephone, data or other protected or restricted services which are accessible only with authorization;

2)  Signal jammers (jammers of cellphone, police radar, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.);

3)  Goods which may be used for escape from traffic management;

4)  Software or other tools used to send junk emails;

5)  Hacker software;

6)  Refurbished cellphones, computers, laptops, etc.

7)   Teaching software and OEM software;

8)   Cheating tools.

16. Crude oil

The listing or sale of crude oil by sellers and buyers located in China is prohibited on the Site.

17. Hazardous chemicals

1)  Harmful or hazardous substances (like hazardous goods, inflammable and explosive chemicals, and ozone-depleting substances defined by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code), etc.);

2)  Highly toxic substances and related chemicals, methods and books about how to prepare highly toxic substances, etc.

3)  Automotive air bags.

18. Transport-related articles

1)  Air tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets and other transport contract documents;

2)  Articles related to the transport industry, like pilot uniforms, ground crew uniforms, railway or subway staff uniforms, and public transport safety manuals.

19. Used products

(1)  Used boxer shorts, undershorts, lingerie, underclothes, etc.

(2)  Used cosmetics.

20. Non-commercial information

1)  Information containing personal privacy or enterprise trade secrets (bulk email or email list, and personal identification information, like name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address);

2)  Dating, marriage-seeking and recruiting information, etc.

21. Other illegal products

1)  Reactionary information, information jeopardizing sovereignty, national unity, territorial integrity or social stability, information containing state secrets, information disturbing the social order, etc.;

2)  Information promoting heresy or feudal superstitions, information containing contents of religious discrimination, racism, ethnic discrimination or attack, etc.

3)  Information with political complexion;

4)  Books, audio-visual products, videos, documents and data banned from publication and distribution by laws and regulations, etc.

5)  Illegal gains from smuggling, theft, robbery, fraud, etc.

6)  Invoices, other documents which can be used for reimbursement, and issuing of such documents;

7)  Articles banned from transfer by laws and regulations;

8)  Goods acknowledged, launched or recalled by a quality inspection authority or manufacturer, goods explicitly eliminated or stopped from sales by the state, and expired, invalid or deteriorated goods;

9)  Goods containing prohibited ingredients (fitness supplements containing DMAA, etc.)

10)  Gambling tools.

[Information restricted from release]

The information restricted from release mainly involves those goods whose information release or sales are permitted by law only after obtaining the administrative licenses or relevant authorization, covering:

1)  Audio-visual products;

2)  OTC drugs, oral products advertising anti-obesity effect, and medical devices;

3)  Police supplies permitted to be sold and released by the laws and regulations of the state;

4)  Fireworks and crackers.