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JumoreCertification ( is built and operated by Zhejiang Jumore E-commerce Co.,Ltd which provides integrated solutions of certification, testing and related consulting services for Chinese enterprises engaged in cross-border trade, especially the enterprises in bulk-commodity and manufacturing industries by joining hands with TUV SUD, TUV NORD and other world-renown certification and testing agencies, based on the enterprises above designated size at home and abroad on JUMORE's primary platform (in both Chinese and English) and eleven sub-platforms.


JumoreConsultancy ( provides professional and comprehensive services for enterprises engaged in cross-border trade based on the enterprises above designatedsize at home and abroad on JUMORE's primary platform and eleven sub-platforms. It pools domestic and overseas excellent consulting companies and covers various kinds of advisory services, so as to provide effective solutions against various difficulties and problems in the transaction and business process of enterprises, and help them make decisions, grasp business opportunities, improve management, optimize internal business process and create more revenue.


JumoreTech( a globally-oriented e-commerce platform aiming at serving global manufacturing enterprises. The platform has pooled a large number of quality service providers. For these suppliers, Jumore Tech can break the geographical constraint to them, and enable them to extend their products and services to all provinces of China and obtain orders from business customers, thus facilitating the steady improvement of company performance and enhancing corporate recognition.

For business customers, through Jumore Tech, they can reach a huge amount of suppliers and find the supplier best matching the enterprises' current needs to make cooperation, through a full range of contrast. This greatly reduces the operation cost of businesses, while the problems in the development and upgrading of enterprises can also be resolved timely.

Currently, the suppliers and business users can log into Jumore Tech to launch or search products and services information after only simple registration and certification, and all these are free. JumoreTech will play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. Jumore Tech will work together with our partners to move forward into the great era of industry 4.0.


JumoreBigdata platform ( dedicated in providing comprehensive data and information services related to the bulk commodities, such as market quotation, price index, import and export transactions, industry information, industry reports, etc. By means of our data services, the decision-making efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing enterprises and supply-chain businesses can be improved.

  • Monitoring and Warning

Help timely adjust strategy according to market trend.

  • Pricing Reference

Analyze market trend based on subscribed industry information.

  • Risk Aversion

Conduct data mining to help improve warning system.

  • Decision-making Assistance

Facilitate business decision-making by offering price trend.


EtransMore ( is JUMORE’s logistics service platform which massively centralizes logistics purchasing orders from industrial and manufacturing enterprises to lower their logistics cost, and uses IOT technology to achieve lean distribution and guarantee fast and safe delivery of goods.

To achieve a win-win goal for both customers & logistics providers

  • Avoid communication barriers, reduce intermediate links, minimize transportation costs.
  • Deeply involved in enterprise supply chain management, enjoy the customized services.
  • The platform provides all kinds of intermodal transport, to help enterprises to optimize the transport program.
  • Differentiating on customized services, logistics provider spontaneous integration advantages of resources.
  • With the certification service, EtransMore provides financial services to the certified logistics vendors.

Active Monitoring

  • Order monitoring visualization throughout the entire transportation.
  • Certification mechanism to ensure the integrity of logistics provider.
  • Insurance mechanism to guarantee the safety of cargo.

One-Stop Service

  • Cargo from factory to the customer,platform provides delivery, warehousing, transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance and logistics solutions.
  • Seamless connect with suppliers from platform, orders are safe and secure.
  • Orders, finance, insurance, certification to provide a comprehensive service for logistics providers.


JumoreFinance ( is a financial service platform of JUMORE cross-border e-commerce trading platform specialized in providing professional financing service and capital management for platform members. The platform integrates domestic and overseas resources of financial industry (banking, insurance, securities, factoring, etc.) and has established long-term and stable business cooperation with global financial institutions.

By combining the advantages of each financial institution, Jumore Finance is committed to presenting packages of their financial products to the platform members.

Convenient financing services

• To provide you with a full range of supply chain financing solutions.

• To provide you with more rapid financing.

• We have a lot of reliable partners.

• Provide a variety of financial products to meet your financial needs.

• Competitive rate and most cost-effective.

• Simple and efficient application to facilitate your financing.