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Supplier's Guide

JumoreGlobal aims to help suppliers access to business partners around the world and make more successful transactions via our platform. Thank you for joining JumoreGlobal and becoming a supplier. Here, we would like to give you some advices and guides to help you operate your online showroom. Some basic operation guides are displayed as follows:

Registration & Sign in

To become a supplier, the first step is registration. You can access to all JUMORE's English platforms just by one account.
Click here to log in to JumoreGlobal and register as a member by clicking “Join Free”.  Then enter your email address and check the "Terms of Use" before you click the button "Next" to submit your request. Check your mailbox and continue your registration within 24 hours. Then fill in some basic information, choose your identity (Supplier, Buyer or Both) and submit to complete your registration.

After registration, you can sign in to “My JUMORE” on the homepage to manage your account and view business information on the platform. Operations like managing the showroom, contacting buyers, asking for customer service and so on are only available after singing in.

Showroom Management

Open a Showroom

Corporate showroom is a place to display both your company images and product information which could greatly improve your company and product exposure. The more users see your company or product in search result, the more possibilities that other platform users would place order on your products. We recommend you to open a showroom after registration.

As for opening a showroom, you need to sign in to “My JUMORE” > “My Company” to edit your company details and select your showroom template in “Manage Company Profile” and “Showroom Decoration” section respectively. Then, click "Go to My Showroom" to check your own showroom.

JumoreGlobal Premium Membership provides services to optimize corporate showroom appearance. Please check related services in “My JUMORE” > “Membership & Services”.

We recommend you to join our Premium Membership if you want to get those privileges.

Decorate the Showroom

We highly recommend you to decorate your showroom properly, as it will be beneficial for increasing your page views on

To decorate your showroom, please sign into your JumoreGlobal account and go to “My JUMORE” > “Showroom Decoration” and select the showroom template you want under “the Showroom Template” section; set ordinary picture of the theme pictures or set a unique theme pictures; and upload company logo, ads and company photos.

Here are some tips for showroom decoration:

1. Please fill up information as much as possible;

2. Choose your pictures with high-quality and in “recommended size”;

3. Update your products and buying requests at a reasonable frequency;

4. More showroom templates can be selected if you join our Premium Membership.

Post & Manage Products

Posting products is what you must do to start your business. Proper products information help the buyers find you easily and understand your product clearly. The steps to post products are as follows:

1. Sign in to “My JUMORE”>”For Supplier”> “Post New Product”;

2. Click “Post New Product” and choose the category, then click “Next” to complete product details (Any fields marked with an asterisk * are required);

3. You can upload product photos. Please choose photos from your computer. The more you present your products, the more vivid impression buyers will get.

If you upload more than one product photo, the product photos will be displayed in a slide show on the product detail pages.

If you want to modify the product information, please sign in to “My JUMORE” > “For Supplier”> “Products Management”. Then, you can view the status of your products, and click 'Edit' to change product description.

As for withdrawing the posted products, you could go to “My JUMORE”>“+For Supplier”> “Products Management” and click “withdraw” on the product list.

Operate the Showroom

To operate the showroom, you need to pay attention to your company profile and products information such as products ranking.

Update Company Profile

Company profile shows your company’s strength and brand image. So it is necessary to update your company profile timely when it changes and upload banner and company photos to promote your company.

Manage Product Showcase

Product showcases display the vital or featured products of your company. As for managing the product showcase, please sign into your JumoreGlobal account and go to “My JUMORE” > “Products Management” to view the product list. Then click "Product Showcase" on the product list to choose products you would like to display in product showcases recommended product.

Products Ranking

Buyers always tend to choose the product ranks high in their search results, so we strongly recommend you to make your products get an ideal ranking.

Joining our Premium Membership, you may have a better chance of appearing at the top of a buyer's search results

Besides, the product’s keywords, product information integrity and product posting time are important factors which influence the products ranking. We suggest you filling in keywords which match your product most and filling in information as much as possible.

Post Buying Requests

As a supplier, you can also post buying requests.

There are two ways to post buying requests:

First Way: In addition to searching products, you can also choose to post buying requests by clicking the “Post Buying Request” button on the top right of the homepage;

Second Way: Please sign in to “My JUMORE”> “For Buyer” > “Post Buying Request” to post your buying request. Then complete your buying request by filling out the form, and submit it.

After submitting your buying request, you can manage them in the “Request Management” section of your account.

Find Buyers

To find buyers, you can view buying requests, Premium Members will access to buyers more easily.

Go to “My JUMORE” > “Message Center”, you can contact buyers there.

You can also contact us to apply for promoting your company or products to get an all-around exposure, so that more buyers may contact you actively.

Set up & Manage Sub-accounts

Sub-accounts help you manage your showroom by different operation staff. The Premium Members have the rights to set up sub-accounts, while Free Trial Members cannot set up them.

To set up a sub-account, please sign into your JumoreGlobal account and enter the page of "My JUMORE". Go to "Account” > “Sub-Account", click "Add a New Sub-account" and fill in the information required to set up a sub-account.

As for managing sub-accounts, sign into your member account and enter the page of "My JUMORE". Then go to "Account” > “Sub-Account" to view your sub-account list and suspend, delete or activate the sub-accounts.

Integrated Digital Marketing

JumoreGlobal provides one-stop digital marketing solutions to maximize the exposure of platform members. Multiple digital marketing service packages (SEO, SEM, SNS, EDM) are ready for helping global members to access to global market efficiently. Please contact to get further information.

Transaction Tips

When you receive an order, you need to go to “My JUMORE” > “For Supplier”> “My Order” to confirm the order. Contact buyers in time to contract with them and talk about other details of the transaction.

Business Matchmaking

JumoreGlobal will help you get precise business match and latest business opportunities. Our business manager will match suitable buyers for you according to your posting requests and products.